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Leading mattresses manufacturing transformation towards automation!

Technology and Business are coming together, now more than ever, to transform, at every level, the way we live and work.
With its activities and projects, Qf Engineering is helping to modernize the mattresses manufacturing industry, combining specialist skills and ability to interpret new business models.

The smart mattress market size will offer immense growth opportunities. However, the high manufacturing cost will challenge this growth, and that’s why automation is no longer a necessity but an obligation. We are focusing in automated machines more and more designing them around core business needs, as quickly and as smart as possible.

Automated machines are gaining speed and momentum, don't miss the momentum!
At Qf Engineering we work with all Top Players from the bedding industry. This has allowed us to collect a set of distinctive R&D competences, which we combine with our ability to continuously explore, design and engineer with all new solutions.